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Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Welcome back to part 2 of the Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences series! In this blog, we at Falesia Consultants will help you understand the visa process. This is not only to help students attending Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, but it is also for those seeking to work while studying. First, I will explain the visa that students need to have in order to study in the Netherlands, and then I will explain what is needed in order to work while studying.

Machtiging tot Voorlopig Verblijf (MVV)

Machtiging tot Voorlopig Verblijf (also known as MVV) is the authorization for temporary stay, or rather, the student visa that non-European Union and European Economic Area (EU/EEA/Swiss) students will need. This is necessary if you are wanting to stay in the Netherlands for more than just three months, and it is valid for only one entry.

If you are concerned about how to get an MVV, don’t be! Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences will do it for you. As you cannot get this visa in the Netherlands, and as it must be done beforehand, Wittenborg University will help by processing the MVV for you. It will take about 2 to 6 weeks to be processed.

For EU/EEA and Swiss students, you will not need a residence permit to study in the Netherlands. Your passport or ID document will be sufficient for you to stay.

Wittenborg University Of Applied Sciences Visa Process

The work visa process for Wittenborg University Of Applied Sciences works differently for EU/EEA and Swiss students than it does for Non-EU/EEA and Swiss students.

For EU/EEA and Swiss students, you do not need a work permit, and there is no limit to your work hours. While it is not required, it is advisable to register with the Dutch Immigration Services (IND) as it can facilitate things for you.

Concerning work visas for Non-EU/EEA and Swiss students, it is necessary for you to have a work permit. You may only work part-time (up to 16 hours per week), or full-time in the months of June, July, and August. You CANNOT do both.

Your employer or employment agency will have to apply for your work permit from the UWV (Employment Insurance Agency) in your stead, as you are not allowed to do it yourself. Accompanying your application will have to be a copy of your residence permit for study reasons, as well as a statement confirming your enrollment as a student. This will have to come from your institution. The application process will take about five weeks.

Regarding the work placement and intern students, you will not need a work permit nor will your work be limited by hours.

Visa Financial Proof

Concerning the financial proof needed for obtaining an MVV, you will need proof of a few things:

  • That you are able to financially support yourself (the monthly amount needed depends on your status). You can check both IND and your study agreement to see what the necessary amount is.

  • Wittenborg University requires that both students and applicants have an original bank statement in their name which is valid and is no older than 2 months.

If you have an abroad sponsor you will need:

  • Financial statement from the Guarantor

  • Copy of employment contract

  • Copy of Identity proof (passport, etc.)

  • Copy of payments from the last 3 months

If you have a sponsor currently living in the Netherlands then you will need:

  • Guarantor’s statement

  • Employment contract

  • Recent employer’s statement

  • Copy of civil registration

  • Copy of the past 3 months’ salary statements

  • Copy of passport/ID card

Thank you for reading this blog! I hope that you found it to be very informative and helpful. If you are interested in knowing more, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Falesia Consultants.

You can also watch our YouTube video that offers more information about studying in the Wittenborg University:

Until next time!

–Isabella Harding

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