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Europe offers various options for students that are aspirant to study abroad. Students from non-European countries can choose to study for bachelor, master and PhD programs. Living and studying in Europe can provide great insight and knowledge for all students that helps to make a much more enriched lifestyle and future. Studying a degree program in Europe is both an adventurous and educational experience. Because of the European Union, it is easy to visit other countries, even for the day!

There are plenty of affordable study options for international students. Most of all study programs for international students are taught in English with affordable tuition fees. Every student even gains an opportunity to learn the local language and also many other EU languages, which is always a plus and it is the gateway to a better understanding of different cultures.

The academic experience which an international student gain is much different from the rest of the world. Universities in Europe have a broad selection of Bachelor or Master's degree that you can apply to. You can also choose to join a program such as Erasmus to get a full international exchange experience.

Living in Europe for a year or two will definitely improve your career path and your view of the world.

At Falesia Consultants we are dedicated to providing ideal services to students that are intending to pursue their bachelor, master or PhD degree in Europe.

Countries we offer:

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  • Switzerland

  • Germany

  • Netherlands

  • Finland

  • Slovenia

  • Czech Republic

  • Poland

  • Portugal

  • Malta

  • Italy

  • Grenada

  • Ireland

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