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Falesia Consultants stands out as a benchmark in providing comprehensive services in the realm of business and immigration. Our range of services is carefully designed to meet the varied and demanding needs of entrepreneurs and business owners, ensuring that their journey in the world of business and immigration is smooth and successful.

Business Services

Single Office Solutions

Company Formation

Set up a company with EU VAT numbers and bank account in 4-5 business days. We offer professional service at every step in the process with multilingual support and a strong local network.

Accounting and Finance

If you operate a company in Portugal, you are obliged to have an accountant. Your English-speaking accountant will help you understand taxation and financial regulations as well as keep your books – this way you can keep your company compliant, avoid any unpleasant fines or difficulties, and ensure that your money gets budgeted and spent in the optimal way.

Virtual Office

Your company is officially required to have a registered address. This is where authorities will expect to find your company; We offer a virtual office package including a  registered address, daily mail processing services, and administrative assistance to ensure your company’s compliance.

Business Plan

Every successful business set up needs a plan with local market network study, financial projections and budget allocation in order to avoid unnecessary risks. We are here to collect all the information and contacts you need to get started.

Staffing Solutions

We will work with you to get the most out of your budget, and ensure that your staffing needs are met quickly and cost-effectively.

Website & Marketing

One of the key elements of attracting customers is visibility. Building a website is a quick and easy way of achieving this: if prospective clients can find you and your services on the web, can check who you are and what you offer.

Business & Immigration Services: Services

Immigration Services

Expert Consulting Service

Business Immigration 

Portugal offers temporary and permanent residence permits to business owners who take an active role in their company as directors. To start the business immigration procedure, we need to set up a Portuguese company, prepare a business plan, and ensure that all requirements for the company’s successful operation are met. Once the director has his permit, the spouse and children can also apply for family unification. This program is available to all nationalities.

Residence Permit

If you’re looking for a safe and cost-effective way to acquire an EU residence permit, Portugal is a great choice, with several options available to clients of all nationalities and backgrounds. You can get a temporary or permanent residence permit through employment, starting a business in Portugal, student status, and so on. To find the best option for you and your family, please schedule an expert consultation

Work Permit

Non-EU nationals working in Portugal usually need a work permit (except as directors under certain conditions). Many clients are not aware that the first step in this process is finding a position and signing a labour contract – and many employers are not clear on the procedure and need our help. Please consult us if you’re looking to be employed in Portugal or plan on employing a non-EU citizen!

  • Consultancy and guidance on work permit visa processes across Europe.

  • Sponsorship via our network of management companies across various European countries. This service is particularly relevant for the “employed option” to be adapted by Corporations and individuals.

  • Facilitation and assistance in submission of applications relating to work permit and other consular support services.

Business & Immigration Services: Services
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