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About 1 million people work in the medical field in Germany, but even so the country has been facing a huge shortage of qualified hospital staff, thus overloading the hospitals, the government has announced about 13,000 jobs in Hospitals and nursing homes. 

3 million nurses will be needed by 2060 the number of people requiring old-age care continues to increase in a trend that is expected to last until 2060. The share of geriatric nurses abroad has also been increasing for years and currently stands at 11%.

Advantages of
Working in Germany

• Salary: 2500 - 3200€ plus overtime, night shifts and Sundays are paid extra.

• Safety: Germany is one of the safest countries to live and settle down in.

• In less than 4-5 years you get a permanent settlement.

• The family (husband or wife) can be invited through the family reunion visa. (Husband or wife can also work with a dependent visa).

• Health: Germany has one of the advanced health insurance schemes, protects you and your family 100%.

• Education: All children's education is free in Germany.

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Equivalence Of Diploma

The nursing qualification obtained in your country of origin must be recognised in Germany. The competent authority for your case will check whether your professional qualification is equivalent to German qualifications. If this is not the case, you could take an assessment test or go through an adaptation  period to prove an equivalent level of knowledge. The application for professional recognition can be submitted to the competent authority in the state in which you intend to work in. The German professional recognition obtained is valid nationwide. We take care of assisting graduate nurses, doctors and health professionals to prepare and process the equivalent application in Germany.

Documents Required

Our Services Include

• High School Transcript
• University Degree or diploma
(transcipts with mention of theory and practical hours)
• Internship certificates
• Work experience certificates

• Nursing registration

• German langauge certificate (B1/B2)

• Resume • Copy of passport

• Police verification certificate

• German language level (A1 to B2 level, if required)

• Nursing licensing in Germany

• Working contract from hospital

• Verification of contract

• Visa assistance

• Document translation into German language

• Medical health insurance assistance

• Local German bank account assistance

• City registration assistance in Germany

• Heath and travel insurance facilitation

• Visa extension in Foreigners office inGermany Airport Reception/pick up

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