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What do you usually look for in a place to live in? Well, some preferred things would be a place which has comfortable and affordable accommodation, and is located in an area and environment that is safe and calm. A place that is conveniently located near shops, malls, methods of transportation, and is overall easy to travel to and from.

Basically, you look for a place that is cheap, safe, and in a convenient location.

If that is indeed what you are looking for in your ideal place to live, then Portugal is the country for you. According to’s list of “Safest Countries in the World 2023”, Portugal is the SIXTH safest country in the world! With its low crime rate, mainly calm environment, and being listed as the cheapest country in Western Europe, Portugal is an ideal country to move to.

Not only is Portugal a safe and cheap country, but it is also an easy place to live in. With its cities located near various types of public transport, shops, malls, grocery stores, etc., it is a country that facilitates your traveling and your shopping. You will find all that you need in Portugal; whether it be transportation, food, clothing, hospitals, doctor offices, and other essentials, Portugal has it all. So whether you wish to either study or work here, you will have many options available to you.


Concerning the housing situation in Portugal for students, the rent for one room varies depending on the city you are studying in. For example, in Lisbon (the country’s capital) the monthly price for a room is 450€. In Porto (the second largest city in the country), the cost is 425€. In other cities however, you may even find a lower price. Cities such as Setúbal, Faro and Aveiro have rent prices which vary between 320€ - 350€. In Guarda, Bragança and Castelo Branco the rent is between 150€ - 190€. At least some universities in Portugal also offer lodgings. You can find their information and prices by consulting their websites.

Concerning housing in general, whether you have come to Portugal for work or just to settle down, the rent will be more expensive. In Lisbon, the average monthly price of a one bedroom apartment is 900€. However, you can find cheaper options either outside of the city center, or even in another city entirely.


Concerning essentials (food, clothing, household items), you can easily find all you need at the multiple convenience stores, hardware, furniture, and clothing stores which Portugal has to offer. Food can be bought here at a reasonable price. For example, 1 kilogram of apples can be bought for around 1€, and 1 liter of milk can be bought for around 0.60€.

Portugal has various convenience stores such as Lidl, Aldi, Pingo Doce, and Mercadona which shall provide you with the items that you need. There are also other shops which sell more than just food and household appliances. These stores sell furniture, clothing, toys for your little ones, and much more! One of these stores is Continente, a very popular retail chain company in Portugal. There are also many, many malls here which provide multiple shopping options for items such as clothing and footwear.

With the exception of the more exotic foods sold here, food in Portugal is easy to find and cheap to buy. Another option for eating that is popular with the Portuguese people is dining out. Restaurants and fast food chains are very popular, and you will find such places almost completely filled at times.


Portugal has various methods of transportation, so you need not worry yourself if you’re not in possession of a car. There are multiple car dealerships that are easy to find in Portugal. The prices of cars vary and you can find them either online, or even in person at the dealership itself.

Another option for transportation are taxis and ubers, which are also easy to access. The price of an uber varies on location. A taxi ride has the starting price of 2€ - 4.80€, and between 0.47€ - 1.30€ per kilometer traveled. The price of a one hour waiting time is between 8€ - 25€.

A very popular method of transportation here in Portugal is the metro. The metro is cheap, fast, and travels along various lines which contain multiple stops along each one. The price of a one-way ticket ranges around 1.90€, including the card itself which is 0.60€. The prices may vary, however, depending on your location.

Another transportation option in Portugal is the bus. Their prices are liable to change depending on your location. There are also trains available which can transport you from one city to another. Their prices likewise differ depending on your destination.

Concerning healthcare, hospitals, doctor offices, dentists, and other such facilities, Portugal has many options to choose from. With the exception of some small, required fees, the healthcare system in Portugal is cheap and in some cases even free! Those under the age of 18 years and over 65 are free while the rest will have to pay a small fee. Medicine which is given during medical procedure and urgent care are likewise usually free.

You can enter Portugal’s healthcare system through registering with the local council (called “Junta de freguesia”) of where you are living. You will have many options for hospitals, doctor offices, and dentists so you should have no difficulties finding one which is to your liking.

Portugal is, for the most part, a peaceful, calm, and safe country. It has amazing cities which show its fascinating history. It has a vibrant culture, and its people are very helpful and will provide you with any assistance you need. If you are looking to move, Portugal should at least be one of the countries you consider for it has everything that a person could need.

Thank you for reading this blog! I hope that you found it to be very informative and helpful. Just know that Falesia Consultants is always here to help.

Until next time!

–Isabella Harding

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