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Work Permits

Providing Assistance At Every Step Of Your Journey

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Work Permits

Non-EU nationals working in Portugal usually need a work permit (except as directors under certain conditions). Many clients are not aware that the first step in this process is finding a position and signing a labour contract – and many employers are not clear on the procedure and need our help. Please consult us if you’re looking to be employed in Portugal or plan on employing a non-EU citizen!

  • Consultancy and guidance on work permit visa processes across Europe.

  • Sponsorship via our network of management companies across various European countries. This service is particularly relevant for the “employed option” to be adapted by Corporations and individuals.

  • Facilitation and assistance in submission of applications relating to work permits and other consular support services.

Job Contracts & Complete Documentation

Many companies have assigned us the process of selecting candidates for their available job roles. We ensure a hassle-free process and complete documentation for the peace of mind of our clientele.

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Visa Assistance

We also provide complete visa assistance after the client gets their job contract. The application process for the visa should be handled cautiously since visas are prone to rejection even over minor issues. Therefore, it is best to let the experts get the work done for you.  

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