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Are you wanting to study abroad but don’t know where to go? Have no worries, Falesia Consultants has the right place for you: Porto, Portugal! Portugal is home to some of the best universities; in fact, two of them are included in the list of the top 1,000 universities in the world! With its rich history, inviting atmosphere, and great education, Porto is a great choice for any wanderlust student in search of a higher education.

Something that you will always see in the city of Porto are the students, many of which are international. With the many foreign exchange programs available, its affordable living conditions, and fascinating culture, Porto has become more and more of a popular city to study in over the years. It has a variety of universities to choose from, and the great part is that Falesia Consultants is associated with two of them!

Fun Fact: Did you know that the uniforms of the Porto university students inspired the Harry Potter uniforms? In 1991 the author of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling, moved to Porto. There she not only taught people how to learn English, but she also started working on the first book of the Harry Potter series: The Philosopher's Stone. She got inspiration for the Hogwarts uniforms from what the university students in Portugal wear. If you look at the Portuguese student uniforms, also called the “traje”, you will see that it is very similar to those of Hogwarts! While J.K. Rowling got inspiration from many other things in Portugal, specifically from Porto, the most obvious connection between Harry Potter and Portugal are the university uniforms.

As I had previously mentioned, Falesia Jovial Consultants is associated with two universities here in Portugal: Universidade Europeia (located in Lisbon), and UPT–Universidade Portucalense (located in Porto).

Though based in Lisbon, Universidade Europeia has a marketing campus here in Porto. Located in Matosinhos, Porto, the Universidade Europeia campus (IPAM) offers a bachelor's degree in Business and Marketing Global, and a master's degree in Global Marketing. Both of these degrees have English options. An interesting fact about IPAM (which was founded in 1984) is that it is the oldest marketing university here in Portugal!

UPT–Universidade Portucalense was first established in June 1986, and it has six departments available:

1) Architecture and Multimedia Gallaecia

2) Law

3) Psychology and Education

4) Economics and Management

5) Science, Technology, and Tourism

6) Heritage and Culture.

Within these six departments are various classes which are available not just in Portuguese, but in English as well! They offer four degrees: Bachelor´s, Integrated Master´s, Master´s, and Doctoral, as well as offering non-degree programs. It has computer labs on campus which are open for 24 hours. What is important to know is that UPT is focused on the student’s learning.

Porto is a great city to study in, should you choose to come here. With its lively ambience, friendly, helpful inhabitants, and nearly everything having an English option, it is certainly a great city for international students to study in. As it is the second largest city in Portugal, Porto has many interesting and fun activities, and you will never have a dull moment while studying here.

Thank you for reading this blog! I hope that you found it to be very informative and helpful. Just know that Falesia Jovial Consultants is here to help you should you choose to study here.

Until next time!

–Isabella Harding

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